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According to the well-known saying, the eyes mirror the soul. This is no doubt true, but also each tiny element which makes up a face constitutes who we are, and how we wish the world to see us, both now, and before future generations.

Tom understands his subjects well, combining rare sensitivity to shape, tone and colour in order to render palpable the impalpable qualities in a human face – emotions, character and life experience are all recorded with honesty and integrity.

Given Tom’s highly individual style and exceptional skills as an observer one can expect his finished artworks to provide the recipient with a purity of visual pleasure. He approaches each portrait using his fresh, unusual style which builds the image using an interesting variety of detailed marks and bold lines. He works mainly with dry media – his favourite high-quality pencils, graphite, and pyrography, and sometimes a combination.

Tom’s work always surprises – not only does his style oscillate between spontaneous energetic marks and precise, minutely delicate touches, but so does the scale; he can produce large works suitable for museums and other public spaces and also much smaller works for intimate private places.

Tom’s art has been selected for exhibitions by a number of worldwide known institutions such as Society of Graphic Fine Art, Pastel Society, Royal Society of British Artists, Royal Society of Marine Artists, Ruth Borchard Collection, Royal Cambrian Academy, Hastings Museum and a few others.