Sally Barton ASGFA


My main passion has always been for drawing, & I’m an inveterate sketcher of people in particular & ideally from life. Both my commercial work as an illustrator & storyboard artist & my practise as an exhibiting artist centre on figurative subject matter, with watercolour being a favourite medium; I love using its transparency to convey areas of light & the blurred or sharp edges between light and dark. There’s a process of continuing to pare back in the description of a figure, using tone and line to get at the essence of a gesture or expression as economically & vividly as possible. I also love the way watercolour has something of a life of its own – not staying where it’s put (like oil paint does) but often introducing some random element that keeps the process of painting exciting.

My work has been exhibited in London – Mall Galleries, Anise Gallery, Menier Gallery, Association of Illustrators – aswell as nationally. I’ve also written features about my work & practise which have appeared in publications including ‘The Artist’ magazine.

As an illustrator of over 30 years’ experience, I’ve received commissions from a wide range of clients which include, in publishing, Heinemann & Oxford University Press, and in advertising & product design, English Heritage & Waitrose.

I also receive commissions for portraits, in pencil/conte or watercolour.