Neil Rogers ASGFA


Neil studied for BA in Fine Art at the UCE in Birmingham in the 1990’s.
However it was not until 2018 that Neil began to pursue a career in fine art, going full time in 2020.
Although Neil is primarily interested in portraiture he also regularly draws and paints in the local landscape and runs weekly art lessons from his studio.
Neil’s charcoal portraits are constantly evolving as he experiments with new techniques. He regularly uses acetone to achieve various effects on the paper and his new work involves sanding the charcoal into the paper to create smoother transitions.

Selected exhibitions:
RBSA open exhibition in 2019
TALP Exhibition 2018, 2019, 2022 (2019 won The Artist exhibition award and the Daler Rowney award)
Pastel Society annual exhibition 2021, 2023
SGFA Exhibition 2022,2023