Kay Andrews HS SGFA


Kay is a native of Newcastle-on-Tyne and trained mostly at that city’s art college. She trained in illustration and ceramics, followed by a year at Leicester College of Art.

Although involved in art education all her working life, Kay has still produced her own art, exhibiting in various venues in the north of England as well as in London. She has shown at various times in the Royal Academy Summer exhibitions, the Royal Society of Miniaturists, the International Exhibition of Miniature Paintings and, for many years, in the Hilliard Society’s annual exhibitions. Her work has also been shown, by request, at the Llewellyn Alexander Gallery and the Medici Gallery.

Drawing in all its forms is Kay’s passion, and her love for this aspect of art is what drew her to the SGFA, reawakening her interest in lage-scale work. She has a sound working knowledge of drawing media and is always eager to try out anything new. At present she is experimenting with mixed-media drawing, using textured and painted surfaces, various papers and a variety of wet and dry media.

Kay’s work is mostly representational, using an imaginative approach to technique and subject matter. She is always drawing or painting something, and she uses these sketches as a source of inspiration for her art. Kay believes that, having first drawn something in its natural surroundings, she gains a greater feeling for and understanding of her subject.

Following on from two local exhibitions at Ness Gardens in Cheshire, Kay was delighted when Chester City Council purchased one of her mixed-media drawings for their permanent collection in the Grosvenor Museum and Art Gallery. It will feature in an exhibition concerning aspects of drawing planned for 2014/15. Kay always has work in the annual open exhibition, Wirral Spring, held at the Williamson Art gallery in Birkenhead, and was delighted to exhibit with the SGFA at The World of Glass in St Helens in 2013.

Kay believes we need beauty in our lives, and hopes that her work evokes a sense of beauty, calm, delicacy and strength.