Gavin Bowyer ASGFA

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As a graphic fine artist, Gavin is a true advocate for joy of mark making and the importance of ‘good drawing’. He enjoys unpicking the perceptual experience by drawing with a systematic process of intense looking and finding precision through searching and adjustment. Gavin works primarily in graphite and restricts his colour scheme to a classic black and white palette and give the observer’s eye a place to rest and a momentary break from saturated colour. His monochromatic artwork is intended to be raw, stripped back, honest and allow the observer to concentrate on elements such as composition, value, lighting, and form.

Moreover, Gavin’s approach to art is inspired and informed by the psychological fragility and struggle of the human experience. His contemporary figurative portraiture intends to reveal the true person. Likewise, he loves creating intricate, realistic, vivid, and poignant artwork that illustrates the fragility of our natural world. Gavin is also known to use various mediums including collage, pen, pencil crayon, charcoal, watercolour, acrylic, oils, and digital media.