Arianna Tinulla Milesi ASGFA


Arianna Tinulla Milesi was born in Bergamo and she is currently based in the United Kingdom. After her scientific studies, she graduated in Byzantine Art History at the University of Milan and in Visual Arts – Illustration at IED, the European Institute of Design, Milan. She is a multidisciplinary artist, she has been collaborating with galleries and museums since 2009.

She considers drawing as a forma mentis to interpret the world.

The main themes she explores include: the mental processes underlying the formation of memories; feminism; folklore; the perception of violence; vulnerability and death.

Music and literature are crucial sources of inspiration. She loves light and suspended atmospheres, where well established concepts can be explored freely, often through nonobvious associations.

Even if her style is primarily figurative, her approach remains deeply conceptual.

Arianna mainly uses pencils, watercolours and ink. She also enjoys creating prints (drypoint and monotype) and interactive installations (often in collaboration with visual artists and musicians), which she typically constructs using paper, wood, fabric, threads, music, and, sometimes, living organisms too.

Over the last few years, Arianna has enthusiastically devoted an increasing amount of time to the study and observation of nature, and to workshops and lectures. Arianna is also a freelance illustrator.