Sally Friend ASWA, SGFA


I am a painter and printmaker working full-time from my Thames-side studio in Middlesex. My work is usually inspired by music, words or human behaviour. I am fascinated by people, and I love drawing and painting portraits.

I like to experiment with different media, choosing whatever materials will bring my subject to life. I love the “happy accident” in my work, and juxtaposing, layering and interweaving imagery.

Myths, fairy tales and poetry are all influences in my art, and humour and tongue-in-cheek references to the history of art crop up in my work from time to time.

There is a strong design influence in my work, from my experience as a layout artist and graphic designer. I often use collage for its immediacy, strong shapes and humorous potential. I also love very bright colour, which may be an influence from having been born in Calcutta and having spent my early childhood there.